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Our Awesome Artisans!

Wow! These people are so talented! We met so many super clever people on our travels. We wanted to bring a taste of Thai Art to share with others in N.Z in doing this each piece of art or handicraft you purchase supports not just one Thai family but several, as some items are made not by one artisan but often several to create the one article combining talents and resources.


One of the first people we met was a lady and her team who make Pottery Pots from tiny to ginormous with so many rich designs, they have been making pottery for generations. Click here for awesome pics.

Lotus Leaf Wall Art

We met the wonderful Jaeb who with her team create magnificent Lotus Leaf Wall Art starting with real live Lotus leaves to the product, stunning Lotus Leaf Art ready to make a statement in your home. Click here for the full Lotus Art Story with pics of the process.

Buddha Painting Artist

We travelled right out of the city and came across an artist Chumpon Beeum, who creates the most awesome Buddhist and Elephant murals, from acrylic paints on canvas which he then frames. Click here for the full story on Chumpon Beeum and his amazing Art.

Metal Art

If you love quality Metal work, we think you will love our range, all the items we have are individually handmade from solid strong steel then coloured and finished. We were allowed a look through their workshop, so many creations in the making, they have up to 20 staff. Click here for pics.

Rice Baskets

Rice Baskets traditionally were used to store rice seeds, the smaller ones were used for agricultural workers as their lunch boxes. We met our sweet lady Maew who has carried on her family’s generational tradition of creating sensational Decorative Rice Baskets, all handmade and painted with a huge variety of sizes and colours. Each Rice Basket is hand made from braided split bamboo. They are then smeared with clay, once the clay is thoroughly dry they are sanded to create a smooth surface, then they are hand painted. The outside of the basket is finished in bamboo and the lid is fitted with a lanyard cord. Maew has many artists involved who focus on one artistic design. Some of the artists have disabilities so this is a great way for them to earn a living, so each piece we buy and on sell to you supports many people. Click here for pics

Turkish Mosaic Lamps

Stunning lamps and chandeliers made from glass bowls covered in cut coloured glass and beads to specific pattern designs to create so many different effects. Click here for the full Turkish Mosaic Lamps Story with pics of the process.

Handmade Bamboo Umbrellas

Our stunning handmade Bamboo Umbrellas came by way of bumping into a lovely lady at a street market and the resulting umbrellas are fantastic. These are made from bamboo and cotton, then painted by hand and finished in a waterproof resin paint. Click here for more fantastic pics.

Thai Angel and Buddha Figures

We went to the workshops of artisans who create our fabulous Thai Angels and Buddha figures from sustainable wood, where they gladly showed us through their processes, from drying wood to the finished product. Click here for more pics
Check out our photo link to see some of these fabulous artists at work.
Please enjoy browsing our website we feel sure there is something for everyone in our collection of fine Thai Art Works and Handicrafts.