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Turkish Lamps and Lighting

A few years ago, while in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia we purchased a stunning Turkish Mosaic Lamp and we have enjoyed the mosaic lamp ever since.

We have never seen these lamps available in N.Z. So, while we were creating Nirvana’s product range to bring home for Kiwis we thought WOW let’s do this and bring these fantastic Turkish Mosaic Lamps home!

After a lot of research both in Turkey and China we decided to bring the lamps in from China, we found the quality was great (They export to Turkey as well), price was way better for the lamps and also freighting to NZ was a lot more cost effective so we can sell these lamps to you at a more affordable price. Also, we found to get these lamps correctly certified for the NZ market this was the way to go.

During our journey we found that a lot of the lamps in Turkey are made in China! So off to China we went and met with our supplier who showed us through the whole process of the creation of the beautiful handmade mosaic bowls. Turkish lamps are made up of cut glass and bead mosaics and we carry NZs largest range they are individually glued to a plain glass bowl, once the design is created they are dipped in a white clay like product this smooths most of the sharp edges away. After being washed down they are then set to dry for days, this is the same process that has been used for hundreds of years to create these amazing Turkish Mosaic Lamps.

Colours and Range, we have bought home 16 different styles of lamps, classic lamps, swan lamps, floor lamps, and hanging chandeliers in a wide range of colours and sizes. Along with the lighting we added candle and scented oil burners again made in the Mosaic style as the lamps, which will add ambiance to any room.