Genuine Moroccan Leather Medium Pouf-Blue


Genuine Moroccan Leather Medium Pouf-Blue

Made From Genuine Soft Goat Leather In Tan, With Hand stitching. Made In The Ancient Souks Of Marrakech

Size: 45cm x 30cm

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Marrakech Moroccan Leather Poufs are a captivating embodiment of the vibrant city of Marrakesh, where bustling markets and ancient traditions intertwine. Let’s delve into the allure of these exquisite leather poufs:

Handcrafted Artistry: Each pouf is meticulously crafted by skilled Moroccan artisans, infusing it with tradition and passion. These unique pieces carry the soul of their makers.
Premium Genuine Leather: Crafted from 100% genuine goat leather, these poufs boast durability, softness, and natural beauty. Imagine sinking into their supple embrace after a long day.
Versatile Functionality:
Extra Seating: When guests arrive, pull out your pouf for additional seating. Its sturdy construction can handle the weight.
Footrest: Rest your tired feet on the soft leather surface, indulging in a moment of relaxation.
Design Element: Whether placed in a cozy corner or as a centerpiece, the pouf adds an exotic touch to any room.
Distinctive Details: No two poufs are alike. Each piece of leather is individually dyed, resulting in subtle variations. The meticulous stitching, done by hand with Sabra Silk thread, adds an elegant touch.

Size: These poufs measure 45cm x 30cm.
Color: They come in a beautiful Blue hue.

Shipping and Stuffing:
Your pouf arrives unstuffed, allowing you to save on postage.
Consider these stuffing options:
Polyester/Kapok: Provides a comfortable yet firm filling.
Newspaper: Crumpled newspaper creates a sturdy interior (our personal favorite).
Polystyrene beads: Lightweight and moldable.
Old Rags: Eco-friendly and reduces landfill waste.
Remember, your pouf may arrive with a crease due to folding. Over time, as you stuff it and enjoy its comfort, that crease will soften, becoming part of its story. 🌟

Explore the magic of Marrakech through your very own Moroccan leather pouf!